Rules and Regulations

Right of Admission Reserved.

Your hosts are Maryna & Mike.

Happy Hosts - Happy Guests !

Stick to the rules they are super easy & we want everybody happy !


Inside capsules and rooms

  • We are extreme Neat Freaks when it comes to our linen and your bedding ! Therefore …..
  • No food or chips or chocolates to be consumed in capsules/rooms. No drinks - other than water is allowed in capsules / rooms.
  • No creams or liquids - blood etc on linen - be careful !
  • No smoking in capsules or bedrooms - at all !!!!
  • No loud music in sleeping quarters .
  • Keep passage gate closed at all times going through to capsules.
  • Lock up personal belongings - money - cards - jewellery & valuables.
  • Our bath towels are not to leave the premises (no cosmetics stains on towels).
  • PLEASE NOTE:-  Linen is changed after each guest and capsules and rooms are aired and washed down with disinfecting liquids. We do not iron our bedding, we do our own laundry washed and rinsed in a solution to further ensure proper fresh linen for your safety. 
  • Last one in or out make sure you lock up all doors/security gates - check that you do not lock somebody out who might be in the back kitchen.  We will show you where keys are kept.
  • When you book out pls check your safe and leave the safe door open and press the button on the hinge side of the safe (to reset it to factory settings)
  • Bring keys & towel or towels to reception.
  • Keep it chilled !


  • Keep bathroom clean for the next guest. Change the toilet roll if need be. Flush and use brush to clear any poop. Aim properly !
  • Keep window open when showering for steam to escape.
  • Hang your towel either outside or in space provided - under capsule numbers (you will see the rails in Dorm 1). Keep showers under 5 min - we have water restrictions in Cape Town.
  • Hand towels are replaced daily - to dry hands with only !
  • Don’t walk around brushing your teeth ! It’s so uncool !

Communal kitchen at back

  • Only for stay over guests, use a fridge baskets for goods.
  • Smoking is not allowed in this kitchen !
  • Keep gas tank switched off when not in use.
  • Clean up after yourself properly !
  • Wash dishes in hot water - dry - pack away.
  • Do not take any foods or drinks that does not belong to you !
  • Welcome coffee - tea - sugar & creamer is provided for booked sleep over guests, in your capsule or room.
  • No crockery or cups from this kitchen is allowed upstairs…..
  • And no upstairs crockery or glasses are to be taken downstairs as it belongs to Cape Pizzeria.
  • Keep it clean like your momma would like it !

Chill room & dining room

  • Accessible to visiting friends (prior arrangements to be made/however we prefer just guests on site for security reasons).
  • Visiting friends must either order from pizzeria or bar (coffee bar).
  • Netflix available under Guest Banner.
  • Visiting friends are limited to 1 hour (only allowed upstairs or front garden). You are responsible for your guests and will pick up their tab/breakages.
  • Your guests will not sleep over unless booked & paid if we have availability/check with front Office.
  • No smoking in these areas.
  • Strictly no access to pizza room (stoep area where pizzas are prepared & cooked), or Restaurant Kitchen.

Smoking Areas & 420

In addition to our commitment to the safety and well-being of our guests, we are also a 420-friendly establishment and permit guests to consume cannabis in designated smoking areas. We ask that guests be mindful of others and limit smoking to these designated areas to ensure the comfort and privacy of all guests.

  • Smoking is only allowed outside or in the back kitchen - nowhere else.
  • 4Twenty use the green - red or yellow trays that we provide - ask Reception.
  • Rather smoke and fly than Drink & Drive/Corkage fee is R100,00 per unit/day !

Braai area

  • Braai wood and fire lighters can be sourced at Checkers which is our local grocery store - clean the braai for the next person.
  • Keep the glass sliding door closed - so that the smoke does not come into the sleeping areas or into the kitchen.
  • Be lekker !

Honesty bar

  • Make sure you complete your honesty bar slip. Slips will be in the Chill Room on the Counter or fresh slips you will find under the basket – do not remove the slips – we will once we do our stock take.
  • If not completed there is a fine plus you'll pay for all loss of stock !
  • We will cash you up every morning there is a 9% levy if paying by card, we prefer you to pay this in cash please.
  • Stay in tune !

Laundry service

  • We do have a laundry service R120,00 (15kg) per load – R100,00 for dryer (kindly advise) if
    required (weather permitting clothes will be hung outside).
  • No washing of clothes - other than your Underwear – whilst you shower !
  • Underwear is that piece of cloth you restrain your boobs with or the fabric you hide your loins in.

Other services

  • Inside parking first come 1st served R80,00 per night vehicle to be out by 9 A.M. sharp.
  • Otherwise there is a HUGE parking lot opposite our building for FREE.
  • Linen Change = R60,00/every 7 days.


  • Surfboards (real ones not long softboards) - 1/2 day only - R120,00 or R200,00 for both wetsuit & board.
  • Wetsuits - 1/2 day - R80,00
  • Bicycles - 1/2 day - R190,00
  • Beach towels - R30,00 for duration of your stay.
  • Surf Lessons with In-house instructor – R600,00 for +/- 2 hour lesson (one on one)
  • Boogie board for the day R120,00 ½ day R80,00
  • Skateboard for the day R150,00 ½ day R80,00
  • Special Ubers can be arranged ask reception.
  • Boat Trips pls ask reception (they differ according to Season & Weather)

Book-in & Departure Times (Mon - Sun)
Weekends we also surf & braai so always advise us of the time of
your arrival. Pls be prompt and on time, if you late let us know !

  • BOOK-In between 2P.M. - 5P.M.
  • Latest you can book in are up until 7:30p.m. but not on Mondays and Tuesdays (if you are on a
    late flight – pls arrange with Staff prior to your arrival).
  • BOOK-Out strictly by 10A.M. - your room must be made up for next guest
  • Book out at the crack of dawn – arrange the night before with owners or staff !
  • Holding luggage 10A.M. - to 5P.M. - levy R120,00 (no showering after book out time)
  • A detailed invoice will be given to you on departure.


We retain your passport/id in safekeeping (until you book out and collect your deposit). We can give you a copy if need be.

  • We do charge a ***Maintenance / Cleaning Fee ! Over and above your nightly fee !  This we take on site as should we put this onto booking agents they take a percentage and we find this to be unfair.
  • CAPSULES 1- 6  FEE IS R460,00 - FEE DEDUCTED IS R60,00
  • CAPSULES 7 & 8 FEE IS R500,00 WE RETAIN R100,00
  • CAPSULES 9 & 10 FEE IS R500,00 WE RETAIN R100,00
  • If you want to extend your stay pls advise reception and pay before 9A.M.
  • If you stay without paying upfront – you could possibly be asked to leave any time as somebody could have booked your unit; as the booking was left open and not reserved, which if our staff knew they would then have closed the possibility of a double booking as the “unit” would have been taken away as being available (PLS BEAR THIS IN MIND IT’S CRUCIAL).

Wi-fi and access codes

  • Wi-fi code - please ask us for the current password via whatsapp to +27 82 413 1499 - upon booking in and making sure your account and ***deposit has been paid in full. No payment No codes.
  • Access codes are changed constantly; these will be given to you via WhatsApp no access codes are to be given to friends or to our staff or even to a fellow guest (THESE CODES ARE FOR YOUR SAFETY) - no jumping over gate - keep all gates closed front gate is not automatic, when you leave check that it closes behind you. Green button opens & closes the gate/red button is a panic button.
  • Misconduct or misbehaving you will be asked to leave without compensation. Upsetting guests will not be tolerated !
  • Please do not walk in sandy beach feet - clean yourself and feet first ! There is an outside shower for your benefit.
  • Do not leave your keys unattended - lock your capsule when not occupied.


We want to inform you that, as part of our safety and security measures, we require all guests to provide a valid identification card upon checking into our property. This policy is essential to protect you and other guests from fraud, comply with hotel and police regulations, and comply with legal requirements. Guests must present either a Passport, National ID, Driver's license, or any other valid form of identification as requested by the management.


We also want to emphasize the importance of safeguarding the welfare of children, particularly in the context of child trafficking and exploitation. Therefore, we require all guests traveling with minors to provide a valid identification card for both the adult and the child upon checking-in. We reserve the right to refuse to check in any guest who does not comply with this requirement.


Please note that check-in time is from 2:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m. and check-out time is at 10:00 a.m. Guests arriving outside of these hours must contact our management in advance by calling +27824131499 via WhatsApp. We require all guests to contact us via WhatsApp since this is where guests will receive access codes and Wi-Fi codes. Please note that very late book-ins or very early book-outs could incur additional costs, as staff would have to come out, especially out of hours without public transport running at the hours outside working hours. Depending on the circumstances, guests may need to arrange an Uber at their own expense if staff must return to the property to assist them, which could be a double route to take them back home again.


We celebrate and appreciate diversity at Cape Capsules. As an inclusive and welcoming establishment, we treat all guests with respect, regardless of their ethnicity, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation. Our goal is to provide a safe and comfortable environment where all guests feel valued and respected. Discrimination of any form is unacceptable and will not be tolerated by our staff or management.


In addition to our commitment to the safety and well-being of our guests, we are also a 420-friendly establishment and permit guests to consume cannabis in designated smoking areas. We ask that guests be mindful of others and limit smoking to these designated areas to ensure the comfort and privacy of all guests.


Good News !!! No Loadshedding - solar has been installed during October 2023.


We appreciate all Honest Reviews via your booking channel of choice or Google.


It must be noted that any discounted stays, whether via a Booking Agent or ourselves will not be refunded.


We trust that the policies outlined in this letter will help make your stay with us at Cape Capsules a positive and memorable experience. Thank you for choosing our property, and we look forward to hosting you soon.

If in doubt on any issue - contact the owner via WhatsApp +27824131499 OR READ THE BROCHURE IN
YOUR ROOM OR CAPSULE ! You are here to enjoy yourself – do just that be happy and enjoy
yourself ……if you have any issues pls discuss them immediately with Staff on Duty !